Top 10 Best After-Hours Clubs in Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta is one of the cities in the United States that have exciting nightlife. Apart from the many bars and lounges, after-hour clubs are popular places giving life to Atlanta, GA, at night.

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In one of our previous articles, we listed the top 10 best nightclubs here in Atlanta, GA. While those we listed are truly the best nightclubs in the city, they may not open past curfew hours. So you may want to enjoy your city life by staying out during 'after-hours,' then Atlanta Nightclubs, especially the ones that open past curfew hours, are your best bet. We've gathered a list of the top 10 best after-hours clubs in Atlanta, GA.

The good thing about after-hour clubs in this city is that they at open to both young and old, queer and straight, and generally people of different orientations and with different choices. For instance, one club may have days for retro music while another metallic. This is because the options to pick from are so inexhaustible. In this article, we'll take you through the top 10 best after-hour clubs in Atlanta, GA (in no particular order) and the special features that made them feature in our list as part of the top. So let's dive right in.

Royal Peacock Lounge

Royal peacock is a Caribbean-style nightclub located in Northeast Atlanta. This nightclub has reportedly been in existence since the early 20th century. On Saturdays, this diverse nightclub opens up until 5 am the next day. While on other opening days -Friday, Sunday, and Monday- the doors open until 3:30 am. Opening hours are from 10:30 pm.

This after hour club offers her a wide variety of music genres that would make your after-hours happy hours. With its blend of Reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall music, this nightclub situated in a renowned R&B theatre adds to the nightlife in Auburn street, where it is situated. Their music and performances are live, giving you an actual feel of 'the music.'

Royal peacock is also a safety-conscious environment, as wearing a mask is required for admission of both staff and customers. Looking for an after-hours club with little or no chances of contracting the virus in the ongoing pandemic? Royal Peacock is your best option.

Also, they have a wide variety of drinks you can select from; these range from wines to beers, cocktails, and alcohols. They also give happy hour drinks to customers. There is nothing not to love about the place. You can check them out on Instagram to know more about this fun-filled black-owned after-hours club.


MJQ Concourse

This club is also located in Northeast Atlanta. This high-energy after-hour club opens up all week round. It is a very dynamic club having special events marked out for each day. For instance, Tuesday nights are specifically set aside for high key discos. Don't you love it?

MJQ concourse is known for its employment of the fast-rising DJs in Atlanta city. These DJs bring their different flavors always to light up the night in the club. There are no dull moments in the club. 

The club also opens up to people of every sexuality. So whether you are straight, gay, or transgender MJQ concourse is a safe space. Furthermore, they are health and safety conscious as a mask is required for entry due to the ongoing pandemic.

This 21+ club, aside from having a bubbling dance floor where you can get on the grooves, offers a wide variety of drink options. In addition, their live band performances and dance parties are top-notch. 

Lest we forget, the entry on Wednesday night into MJQ Concourse is FREE. Free but fun-filled. There's always a lineup of DJs rotating music of the '80s, 90s, hip-hop, disco, Indie dance, and more. So do stop by soon, and you'd surely agree with us that this club is one of Atlanta's best after-hours clubs. 


Johnny's Hideaway

Johnny's Hideaway is a dance club that doubles as a bar and bite, popular for its old-school tunes. You can visit during after-hours or work breaks, as they open doors as early as 11 am and close like other after-hours clubs in Atlanta, GA - around 3 am.

This club is popular for their special Sunday 80s night and also for their Wednesday lady's night. To enjoy these nights at Johnny's, you'd only have to pay a token of $10, which, trust me, is worth every penny. But, of course, the food and drinks there are lit as well.

Do you want to take a trip down memory lane to 'when you were younger and free' in the city of Atlanta? Then, Johnny's hideaway is the place you should visit.


Midtown Beach Club

Midtown beach club is yet another club located in Northeast Atlanta. It is special, in that it is an outdoor club that you don't just club in, but also get to swim. The club is only opened to people of age 21 and above.

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Midtown beach club has a whole list of rules they make sure patrons abide by to ensure their safety and comfort. For instance, people with offensive prints on their clothes are not allowed to enter. That way, you get to be in a safe space, and you don't get violated by people's bizarre actions. Also, people under the influence are not allowed entrance. 

Their Friday Night Swim is an event you should attend if you wish to have an interesting clubbing session on and around the water. Gates open by 10:30 pm and closes by 3 am, so attending Midtown beach club's Friday night swim equals maximum hours of fun. 


Rose bar

Looking for a place to enjoy good music from professional live DJs after a stressful day in Atlanta? Then, Rose Bar is your go-to. This outdoor club has 3 bars, with each having an adequate dancing space.

Rose bar has a uniquely sectioned VIP area where you can celebrate your birthdays and other special parties. Bottle service is also available in this after-hours club. There are a great variety of cocktails, beers, happy hour drinks, and all.

They also have good hookah.

This Northeast Atlanta, GA club opens its doors between 10 pm to 3 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. One good thing about this club is that they have strict dress codes they abide by. This adds to the beauty of the party as there would be uniformity in the clubhouse. Their convenience and general location are also very clean. 


Revel Atlanta

Have you ever heard the statement: Atlanta city is too busy to hate? If you have, then know that one of the reasons that statement still holds water is Revel Atlanta. With Revel Atlanta, your weekend nights are always busy. This club is strategically located in Northwest Atlanta. Clubbing there starts at 10 pm and grooves up until 3 am.

Revel Atlanta is one of Atlanta's best after-hours clubs. There is nothing not to love about their live arts and dance parties. Their dancefloor is graced with a young crowd composed mostly of young adults. Only people of 21 years and above are allowed into this club.

10 High Club

Another club making it to our list of the top 10 after-hours clubs in Atlanta is the 10 high club. This Northeast Atlantan club opens up every other day of the week but Tuesdays and Sundays. They open by 9:30 pm on weekdays and 9:00 on weekends.

10 high Club prides itself on its karaoke sessions with great music selection from the '90s and until now. There is always a special event lined up for each day. Their 'Metalsome Mondays' are for rock music and many other kinds of metal music. Wednesdays are set aside to take you back to the '80, with pop and dance beats of those years. 'Mellowsome Thursdays' in 10 high clubs will bring you further to the '90s. You also do not want to miss weekend after-hours clubbing with their rock and roll life band karaoke. 

Here's a Google review that says it all:

"If you want a fun night with real, live music, then Ten High is worth a visit. Have a drink and a bite upstairs in the Dark Horse Tavern, then head downstairs to en Ten High."  Jay Shepherd 


Mary's is one of the gay's after-hour clubs in Atlanta, GA. This club caters to the fun needs of gays and people of mixed sexual orientation.

Karaoke sessions at Mary's are always fascinating. The music at Mary's is good, as they have very talented DJ spinning tunes that would keep you dancing. The club opens from Wednesdays to Saturdays. You can also hold your special events with friends and loved ones there, upon booking, on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

The capacity of the club was recently increased to ensure that customers are comfortable. Mary's is certainly one of the best places to be in as a gay man in Atlanta, GA.


Gold Room

This after hour club was featured in one of our previous articles at one of the top 10 best nightclubs in Atlanta, GA. We are adding it to this list because it also deserves to be here.

This club has a lavish interior that is decorated with impressive chandeliers and perfect light. Gold room's dynamic setting makes it perfect for different kinds of occasions. The hall suits fashion shows, charity events, corporate events, and many other 'night-worthy events.

Doors open on weekends between 10 pm and 3 am. Gold room operates a strict dress code protocol with particular attention placed on footwear. Shorts are also not allowed. Their event planners are always available to help plan any event you wish to hold there.

Halo Lounge

Last but not least on our list is the Halo lounge. This Northwest Atlantan bar is a characteristic ambiance capable of brightening up your mood. The building is always lit up by their DJs spinning loud reggae, hip-hop, house music, and several other dope tunes from their excellent sound system.

Halo lounge's doors open by 9 pm, while clubbing starts by 10 pm and continues until 3 am the next day. The center has a bar and a dance floor, both located close to each other, to provide you with comfort and good vibes. Mondays and Tuesdays at Halo lounge are usually low-key, so you could go there with your friends to chill.

There are varieties of drink selections in the club and bar, ranging from beers to liquor, cocktails, wines, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink selections.



The list above is our own opinion of the Top 10 Best After-hours clubs in Atlanta, GA. This list has been carefully put together to suggest where you can spend your after-hours in the city. In addition, the article explored the different options in terms of their service options, special features, and accessibility. We hope you visit one or more of these places if you stay in Atlanta or are visiting soon. 

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