HomeKeyInn Terms of Use

This is a legally binding agreement between HomeKeyInn and users (host/guest/worker) of our website (platform). Users of HomeKeyInn’s platform agree to use and follow all terms of agreement and policies posted on this platform. We reserve the right to alter or remove any terms of agreement or policies post on our platform. Only the original account holder can authorize use of his/her account. Fraudulent accounts will be removed from our site. HomeKeyInn reserves the right to suspend, cancel user’s accounts for violating any of these policies or terms of agreements. Any content posted that encourages illegal, threatening, discriminatory, obscene or scam like activity will be removed or account suspended. HomeKeyInn, Inc. does not warranty or guarantee uninterrupted service when using our platform. We are not liable for any perforce problems or coding issues that my interrupt your listings. Users must be 18 years or older to create a valid account with HomeKeyInn. Users information must be accurate and payment methods must be associated with the same user.

Posted Content: Users agree that any content posted, including pictures and descriptions, are accurate and current. This includes pictures and descriptions of listings and profiles. Misleading or false content will be removed or account possibly suspended. Descriptions of a specific listing should only describe that specific listing. Any content found to promote unwanted contact or spam will be suspended. No posting of intellectual property shall be used unless the user is authorized to do so by the intellectual property owner or authorized licensee. HomeKeyInn is not liable for any loss of business or payments not collected from a guest. Our platform is an means of marketing, organizing, and booking your property. Using our platform all users agree that HomeKeyInn is not responsible for event out of our control (ex. Guests payments, host payments to workers)

Guests booking: All guests must create a valid account on HomeKeyInn.com or HomeKeyInn app before a reservation can be made. Guest agree to the terms of agreement set forth on HomeKeyInn’s website or App and also pricing and rules set forth by the host for the specific listing being booked. Guest agree to any and all checkout policies and late checkout pricing. Guest agree to pay the mandatory $20 deposit and any additional deposits set forth by the host of the specific listing. $20 deposit will be refunded, minus any incidental damages, once the reservation has ended and cleaning/inventory check by cleaner is complete. Guests agree to properly use and take care of all inventory provided at the specific listing. Any damages should be reported and guest will agree to cover the amount of the damages by issuing payment to the host for the cost of all damaged items.

Rebooking option: Guests agree to pay the amount listed by the host for the rebooking option. This option allows the listing to be available only to the guest booking the reservation. If the guest does not rebook the listing within 24 hours after checkout of the current reservation, the guest will loose the rebooking deposit and the host can then book another guest for the listing.

Guest checking in: Guest agree to follow check in procedures as outlined in this policy. Any problems with checking in shall be reported to HomeKeyInn immediately so we can resolve. Any missing or damaged inventory at the listing shall be reported at check in time. Report problems by messaging the host on the HomeKeyInn platform or calling our customer support number provided in the “contact us” section of HomeKeyInn.com. Guest can report any problems with the listing on the maintenance message board where all problems will be posted and if a repair was done will be checked of by the host with the repair date. Guest must do a check in inspection by doing an inventory check of items listing for the specific listing. Only guests listing on the reservation are allowed to stay in the listing. Bringing in unauthorized persons is not allowed unless stated in writing by the host on HomeKeyInn’s messages. Guest will be held liable for breaching this policy. Payment to cover the extra guest and possible suspension of the guests account may be likely for breaching this policy.

Guest checkout: Guests agree to manually checkout by pressing the checkout button on HomeKeyInn’s App or website. Guests agree to checkout at the scheduled time unless otherwise agreed to by the host and documented on HomeKeyInn’s site through alteration or message string. Guest agree to pay additional charges that will incur automatically 30mins after checkout time has passed. The cost for late checkout will be determined by the host. The daily listing price will be charged every hour a guest stays beyond his/her checkout time. Guests who go past the allotted check-in time will be charged the applicable fees as well as another nights payment (whatever the current price is for the listing0

Guest payment: Guest payments are expected to be paid in full at the time the reservation is booked. If a reservation is not funded in full then a host can reject or replace the reservation with another booking at the hosts discretion. Guests agree to pay the amount charged to their electronic payment. Any problems with payment shall be resolved by the guest within 24 hours to avoid a suspension of the account or possible collection proceeding. Guest understands that payments are collected by HomeKeyInn and then forwarded as payment to the host minus any administrative fees charged by HomeKeyInn.

Extortion: Guests or Hosts may not use any form of intimidation to get the other party to enter into a situation or agreement the other party may not otherwise willingly enter into. This includes getting the other party to leave a favorable review in exchange for a refund or favorable treatment.

Review process: Both hosts and guests using HomeKeyInn’s platform agree to HomeKeyInn”s review process and rating system. HomeKeyInn, Inc. reserves the right to delete ratings and reviews that seem drastically opinionated, false or our of the scope of the majority of the other reviews. HomeKeyInn may not be held liable for reviews or ratings that negatively affect a host or guest. Any decisions made to alter or delete a rating or review will be at HomeKeyInn’s sole discretion.

Hosts: Hosts agree to provide all the information about his/her listing as best as possible so guests are familiar with the specifics of the listing before arriving. Posting appropriate pictures of the features of the listing such as parking, kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, etc. Host must provide information about operating features of the listing such as heating and AC, alarms system, digital door operation and any applicable features. Hosts agree to correct or repair any problems within the listing within a timely manner. Host agree that guests may be refunded partially or in full for issues that are determined to be the fault of the host. Host agree to the current imposed cancelation policy that is applicable when a guest books the listing. Host agree to penalties asserted if an active reservation is cancelled by the host

Host payout: Host agrees that HomeKeyInn will collect payments from the guest and forward payments to the host minus any and all fees charged by HomeKeyInn’s platform. Host agrees that payments issued to host can take up to 24-48 hours after a reservation has begun. Payments outside of HomeKeyInn’s platform/website are not in anyway associated with HomeKeyInn or HomeKeyInns business practices. Any assurances, claims, damages, issues will be solely the responsibility of the parties involved as direct payment creates a business agreement with these parties involved, possible tenancy as well

Reservation changes: Reservation changes can only occur is it is agreed to by both host and guest. HomeKeyInn reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation at its own discretion.

Cancelation policy: Hosts that cancel an active reservation will be charged $75 paid to HomeKeyInn. Host also agrees that the guest will receive a full refund. Host agree to disclose accurate information about listing and provide access to listing for guest before arrival. Host will be held liable for any hosting issues cause by hosts lack of communication or improper information.

Security: Users are expected to keep their account credentials for accessing their HomeKeyInn account private and not to be shared with a third party. Any security issues or concerns are expected to be reported as soon as it is discovered. Users are liable for breaches to their accounts transpired from being negligent of this policy.

Refund policy: HomeKeyInn’s refund policy if a guest cancels is that the host will be paid out for any days of the reservation that remain unbooked. Any days rebooked by another guest will be refunded minus any fees paid to HomeKeyInn, Inc. If this agreement is terminated any bookings or listings on this platform will be terminated and applicable refunds sent to the party that paid.

Claims: Hosts can make a claim for damages or missing items through our customer support. This will become an automated process through HomeKeyInns platform, but in the interm please provide us any information needed for the claim so we can proceed to resolve issues between the guest and host. HomeKeyInn reserves the right to determine the appropriate claim amount to be paid depending on our decision made by each case.

Local Taxes: Hosts are required to oblige to any local tax laws and regulations that affect their listings. Any occupancy taxes or other will be the sole responsibility of the host to remit at the appropriate authority. Always check with your local zoning and tax municipal for updated information

Privacy statement: HomeKeyInn, Inc. Will never share information with any third party company unless user has agreed we can do so. We are dedicated to keeping your personal information private to the best of our ability.

About us: HomeKeyInn, Inc. formed in 2017. CEO Rick Aiken. Our goal is to provide a streamline platform for users to facilitate their hosting and/or traveling needs. Our worker part of our site will make logistical work easier to manage and facilitate.

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