HomeKeyInn Cleaning Procedures:

Job description: To fulfill all cleaning needs for check in and check out. Cleaner is responsible for making sure common area and rooms for check in are cleaned and ready for new guests to arrive. Work is expected to start around checkout time (10am for HKI) and competed before check out time (3pm for HKI). Cleaner is responsible for the following duties:

Changing bed linens and fold blanket neatly and store in the closet. Taking time to inspect the dirty linens for damages (like stains, rips, burns, etc.) Removing dirty sheets and making the bed with clean linens. Stained linens should never be used for new guests checking in. Dirty linens (sheets and towels) are to be separated and places in the wash. Placing appropriate amount of linens, bottle water, etc for the guest count checking in. Each room should have a new roll of toilet paper.

Follow any special requests sent through the daily “to do list”.

Keep track of all inventory and do inventory check before cleaning the room. Also common area inventory check Reporting any damages or missing inventory in the room and/or common areas. Take pictures immediately and send file to applicable personnel.

Removing all trash from the room. Inspecting draws, under the bed and furniture for garbage. Inspecting and cleaning common bathroom and room bathroom if applicable. Common bathrooms should always be checked for cleaning even if room being clean doesn’t use that bathroom. Check and clean toilet, toilet seat, shower, under sink, sink area and bathroom floors

Bathroom rugs should be replaced with clean rug when dirty. Old rug to be placed in wash.

Damaged or disrepair needs to be put on message board for schedule repair.

AC filter needs to be inspected and cleaned once a month.

Ceiling fans dusted when presence of dust is apparent.

Furniture draws check for items left behind or crumbs, hair, etc.

Great and communicate with guest in a friendly and appropriate mannorCommon area should be mopped and or vacuumed when needed. Dishes cleaned, counter wipedup, clean dishes put into appropriate cabinet. Stove, microwave, and fridge checked for left food and if cleaning is needed.

common area garbage’s taken outside and placed in proper bins.

Outside garbage bins placed to the curb the day before garbage pickup day for that location

Programing exterior and interior door locks. Person needs to understand how to delete codes, add new user codes, spot numbers and their association. Deleting all codes to reprogram the lock. Adding E-Key access to lock by programing.Lights, fan function, cable tv, etc needs to be inspected to make sure they properly work, batteries aren’t missing. Any issues reported for repair

Room and common area always vacuumed. This shows the guest that the area was cleaned.

Washer and inventory Responsible for washing dirty sheets, towels, rugs, kitchen rags and blankets when in the wash. Sheets should be washed and dried within a reasonable time so wet sheets don’t start to smell. Dried sheets should be folded when warm to prevent sheets from getting wrinkled. Sheets should be inspected for stains before and after washing

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